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Kotelnichnaya Embankment

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The Vysotniye Zdaniye on Kotelnichnaya Embankment,close to the confluence of the Moskva river with the Yauza tributary dominates the whole area.  It represents a starting point for all the streets leading down to the river and to counter points of the Kremlin.

It is 176 meters high and its lower floors are covered by rough and polished red granite forming an enormous plinth that, from a distance, appears to be a distinct entity from the central 32 storey tower.

Constructed around 1940, it is distinguished from the other Vysotny Zdaniyes by its heavily decorated spire and rugged tower.

Information on the number of flats is quite contradictory, the general living area is 15,000 square meters.  The cubic area of the tall section is 220,000 meters square.

In the entrance hall the walls are covered in marble, the floor is covered with polished granite and marble slabs, and the ornamental doorframes are made of coated metal.

There are no major companies or organisations in the building which, on the whole, is an apartment block however, it does contain a number of shops: a patisserie / confectioners, three grocery shops and a hi-fi shop that was formerly a second-hand book shop.  There is also a post office and a cinema called "Illusion".

Like the Vysotny Zdaniyes, the top of the apartment block is used for observing the weather - the direction and speed of the wind can be determined from up here.  The building also has radio transmitters and communications equipment.